The Single Man Pallet Machine™ takes global market as the most reliable and economical solutions to the pallet manufacturing industry. Our engineered design and principles towards lean manufacturing allows for a single operator to achieve high production rates as much as 375+ pallets per day. Our open deck pallet jig design, movable gun gantry, pneumatic nail guns and auto-firing nailing features makes this the preferred pallet machine of choice for any pallet making facility around the world.

BC Market Solutions™ has complementary videos of Single Man Pallet Nailing Machine™ in full pallet production.

Feel free to view our video library for any additional information regarding system set up and controls.

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  • Dimensions: 109″ Wide x 77” Long x 97′ Tall
  • Weight: 3800 lbs.
  • Cycle Time: Approximately (1) pallet per minute
  • Pallet Capacity: 36″ square up to 50”square
  • Pallet Type: 3/4 Stringer Pallet Design
  • Adjustable: Fully adjustable pallet jig
  • Nail Locators: Nail placement system
  • Nailing: Nail trigger controls
  • Gantry: Bio-directional motorized Nail Gun Bridge Gantry
  • Air Requirements: 3/4” NPT, preferred dedicated 15HP compressor
  • Installation: Plug and play
  • Nail Guns: Not included in the machine purchase price

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