The Eagle Pallet Nailing System is designed specifically for high volume production reaching out-put goals of 1600 pallets per day. With simple adjustments the Eagle System can accommodate 3 to 4 stringer pallets that range from 36″ x36″ to 48″ x 48″ in size. The 4th stinger package is an additional purchase option.

With 17 years in the making, the Eagle Pallet Nailing System was designed for simplicity, durability and high volume. This gives you a lower up-front investment while maintaining your competitive edge.

The Eagle Assembly System is specially designed with its continual feed jig assembly conveyor allowing the nailing process to be continuous. This non-stop two part action conveys the pallet materials under each nailing station giving high production rates of 4 to 6 pallet per minute or more. Variable speed controls allow the operators to set the daily production rate.

Included with the machine are several automatic feeders where decking and stringer board material can be placed so that the jig assembly can retrieve pallet material in its automated nailing process.

 If the dimensions of the cut stock are inconsistent the deck boards can be loaded manually, as well. Three operators are required to run the machine to supply lumber to each station.

For quality and high volume production grade #1 and #2 type lumber is recommend. Recycled lumber can be used if material grade is consistent for pallet grade quality, however production rates could change.

The Eagle Pallet Nailing System comes standard with an automated pallet stacker and right or left angle transfer system. Straight line systems can be available upon request.

Please note that the customer needs to supply a proper air compressor needed to operate the pallet nailing machine. The air compressor is not included in the purchase price but can be added on as an additional option. A recommendation is provided which meets the pallet nailing machine requirements.

BC Market Solutions™ has complementary videos of The Eagle Pallet Nailing Machine™ in full pallet production.

Feel free to view our video library for any additional information regarding system set up and controls.

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This specification is for the production of 3 stringer pallets ranging from 36 inches (91.44cm) up to 48 inches (121.92 cm) with a pallet height up to 5-1/2 inches (15.24 cm). Pallet nail recommendation is 2” x.099”, high load for standard pallet production.

  •  Type: Eagle Pallet Nailing Machine™
  • Dimensions: 89″ wide x 50′ Long x 7′ Tall
  • Weight: 15,000 lbs
  • Cycle Time: Approximately 14-16 seconds per pallet
  • Production: 1600 pallet per day
  • Pallet Capacity: 36”square to 48” square o (914mm) x (914mm) o (91.44cm) x (91.44cm) o (1219mm) x (1219mm) o (121.92cm) x (121.92cm)
  • Pallet Type: 3 Stringer machine
  • Jig: Drag chain jig design & board feeder systems
  • Speed: Variable speed control system
  • Air Requirements: 60-80 SCFM @ 2” NPT
  • Bridge: Nailing Bridge includes (6) mounting supports
  • Nail Guns: Not included (recommended Max 70 or Bostitch Guns)
  • Controls: PLC with push button controls
  • Main Frame: 6”x2”x 3/16”-850/A500 Grade B Structure Steel Tubing
  • Gun Support: (6) Upper head assembly with mounted nail gun supports
  • Adjustability: Hand wheel adjustability for nail gun elevation
  • Carriage: (2) continuous feed table top conveying system with Drag Chain jig design
  • Board Feeders: (1) Stinger board feeder & (3) deck board feeders
  • Flipper (1) Automated electric pallet flipper
  • Transfer System: Pallet Transfer system with Stacker
  • Guarding: Side Guarding
  • E-Stops: (1) E-Stops mounted at both ends of machine
  • Electrical: 480 volt, 3 phase
  • Air: 60-80 SCFM, 2” NPT
  • Compressor: 20 HP compressors is needed but not supplied

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