The machine specification is for the production of attaching blocks onto a layer board (stringer board) used in the manufacturing of block style pallets. This one man operation is a semi-automatic nailing process which is projected to manufacture 300-360 stringer blocks per hour.

The leg machine comes with an extended in-feed conveyor to act as a loading stations to feed the blocks and (1) boards chute for automatic nailing production.

The block guide rails are adjustable to accommodate blocks from 3 ½” to 6″ long and layer boards from 39″ to 48″ in length. A board kicker is included to push the stringers off line once it is nailed and onto a discharge rails to accumulate the stringer boards for pallet production.

Depending on your nail pattern set up we recommend a MAX CN70PAL as your choice of pneumatic tool guns with remote valves. The nails guns are not supplied and will be required during testing. Further it is recommended that a 2″ up to 2 ¼” x .099 or .113 high load coil nail be used to fasten the layer board to the blocks.

BC Market Solutions™ has complementary videos of The Mustang In-Line Block Leg Nailing Machine™ in full pallet production.

Feel free to view our video library for any additional information regarding system set up and controls.

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  • Type: In-Line Leg Nailing System
  • Dimensions: 12″ wide x 14′ Long x 5′ Tall
  • Weight: 1500 lbs
  • Cycle Time: 8-12 seconds per one stringer
  • Production: 300-360 per hour
  • Board Feeders: (1) Board Feeder
  • Gun Mounts: (2) Gun Mounting Capacity
  • Conveyor: Automated Conveyor system
  • Board Kicker: Pneumatic Board Kicker
  • Accumulator: (1) Adjustable Rail Accumulator
  • Enclosure: Hoffman enclosure
  • Controls: PLC Controls mounted in main panel
  • Switches: Microswitch Proximity Switches to detect blocks
  • Functions: Set up controls with full jog functions
  • E-Stops: E-Stops cable mounted on machine

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