Block Pallet Nailing Station:

The Block Pallet Nailing station is a manual nailing platform capable of allowing a single working to build an estimated production of 180-230 pallets per day depending upon the pallet design. The open deck design allows customers the capacity to manufacture a variety of Chemical Pallets (CP), UK and European block pallet designs.

The most prominent international pallet styles are the open ended legged pallet design and perimeter base pallet such as a 1200mm x 1000mm block pallet. Depending on design the customer might require flipping the pallet over and nailing the perimeter boards. Optional Nail Plates or clinch plates can be installed into the jig allowing any nail stubble to be clinched during the nailing process. To increase production customers should consider using the Mustang In-Line Block Leg Machine.

BC Market Solutions™ has complementary videos of Block Pallet Nailing Station™ in full pallet production.

Feel free to view our video library for any additional information regarding system set up and controls.

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  • Type:                       Block Pallet Nailing Station
  • Pallet Type:            9 Block, Perimeter Base or Open-leg design
  • Pallet Size:             1300mm long maximum x 800mm-1800mm wide
  • Block Size:              70-140mm long x 70-120mm wide x 70-110mm tall
  • Board thickness:   15-27mm
  • Board Width:         65-140mm
  • Air Controls:           (1) Pallet clamping and (1) pallet lift assist levers
  • Clinch Plate:          Optional per customer specification
  • Tool Balancer:       Optional
  • CE Marked:             Included on exports

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