The Rhino Pallet Nailing System™ gives your company a highly competitive edge by giving you high quality Pallets Made Easy.

The corporate benefits of having the Rhino Pallet Nailing Machineincludes:
  •  Capitalized on increased pallet production over manual systems.
  • Decrease the amount of manual labor & reduce per pallet piece rate.
  • Improves operational performance and optimize lead time schedules.
  • Maximize lean manufacturing processes & efficiency
Machine value-added benefits included:
  •  Automated Single Pass Production.
  • Interchangeable between Stringer, European and CP style block pallet.
  • Optional nail gun mount assembly for nail pattern set up for block & CP pallets.
  • Highly accurate for high quality production.
  • Integrated safety feature to meet National & International safety standards.
  • Push button cycle activation with touch screen controls & jog functions.
  • Exact nail placement vs manual & photo sensors.